20 Things Rich Creative Business Owners (RCBO) do

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From LessConf Jason Blumer

  • RCBO understand the difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship
  • RCBO sell knowledge
  • RCBO leverage teams
  • RCBO build a brand
  • RCBO make time to think, write and learn
  • RCBO know a lot of the right people
  • RCBO recognize theire own value
  • RCBO seek out coaching and mentoring
  • RCBO constantly innovate new products and services
  • RCBO take risks
  • RCBO focus on c ustomer needs
  • RCBO gain specfic knowledge
  • RCBO delegate
  • RCBO hire
  • RCBO own
  • RCBO see money as tool
  • RCBO know when to protect their time
  • RCBO don’t make emotional decisuons
  • RCBO vet their ideas with others
  • RCBO price, instead of bill